Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We have been given the all clear!

All dressed and ready to go meet the US Ambassador to Russia... I mean, get my American Visa

St Basils - we just love this church.. we didn't go in because we didn't want to keep Nick out longer than needed, but it is just gorgeous
Bundling up after an ice cream stop for mom & dad, and lunch for Nick

Nick and dad walking around the hotel... Nick needs to grow fast, or we will have to get a stick for each one of these two to hold on to

Arabat Street - main shopping area near our hotel

We visited the American Embassy today and had our visa interview. We have a nice Russian passport with an even nicer American Visa that allows little man into the good ol' United States... which we are really missing, may I add. We have had a great time in Russia, and this country has given us the best possible gift ever; for that we will always be grateful.

Our agency staff here in country has been phenomenal, and we have been taken care of, that's for sure. Moscow is an amazing city, and someday we will bring Nick back for a visit. We also hope to trek up to St. Petersburg.

The lady at the American Embassy was soooo nice, and was gushing over our little man. It was so cool to hear her tell us that as soon as we clear customs at JFK, he will be an American citizen! What a better place to enter our country and become a citizen than New York!!! We met a lot of families there, probably 12 or so. Including several that adopted multiple children. One woman is bringing three home. Twins girls, and their younger sister. They are from Kemerovo, the city were we had to attend court.

Had a good day today. The men had some bonding time as I did some last minute shopping. We wanted go get enough gifts to present Nick with each year till he turns 18, and I think we have accomplished that. We will be giving him these gifts on Russian Christmas, which is celebrated January 7th. Today's bonding time included Bill changing his first poopy diaper, and it was a messy one. Given my inspection of the area after the fact, I must say he did rather well.

We are in for the remainder of the evening, it is almost 5:00 PM here. We just need to pack, give Nick a bath (which is a chore since he is not fond of water), feed him, and put him to bed. Our driver will be in at 8:30 to pick us up for our 12:10 PM flight. If all goes to plan we will be touching down in Indy just after 10:30 PM tomorrow.

As always, I leave you with some pictures.

Wish us extra luck for our trip tomorrow, hopefully Nick will do as well as in the trip from Novokuznetsk. Although, this is a wee bit longer one.

See you all soon!

Bill, Monica & Nick


Karen said...

Monica, what a beautiful family. Have a great trip home and enjoy walking out of customs with your newest little citizen!

Adria said...

so cute. i'm new to this, just trying to get around

audrey said...

We have really enjoyed your blog. Nick is so adorable! We're hoping we're next for the all-inclusive Novokuznetsk experience. --Audrey (Peter's mom)

Grandma and Grandpa Brockmann said...

Don't tell me you went to an ice cream store and Nick didn't get a taste? Nick will definitely need some one on one time with Grandpa!

Have a safe trip home. Grandma is about jumping out of her skin with anticipation!

Hugs and kisses.

Grandma and Grandpa Brockmann

Anonymous said...

Monica - Following your journey has been amazing! Nick is just too adorable and I am so happy for the "Brockmann Trio."

Safe trip back to the States, enjoy the moment that he becomes the newest little American citizen :)

Liz Farrelly

Anonymous said...

Bill, Monica, and Nick -

Congrats! Have a safe trip home ... that's going to be a special trip for sure.

What an exciting time for your family!

Congrats again on your journey ... and your special addition to your family.