Monday, February 4, 2008

Almost there!

Red Square

Red Square, National Historic Museum in the background, Gum to the right, Kremlin on the left.

In front of St Basils Cathedral

We have had a very very long day today, hence the lateness of this post.

For those of you who warned me about not skipping naps, now I know why! Due to our schedule, we had to skip his nap, and boy he was not happy about it later in the afternoon. We had to go take pictures for his visa, and then the medical checkup. This all ran over nap time, and of course, there's the stress of being poked by the doctor. Nick is now asleep, and should be good till about 7:00 AM tomorrow. He has been sleeping 12 hours at night, just like they told us he was at the baby home.

After the appointments today, we had our driver drop us off at Red Square, and of course we took the obligatory picture in front of St Basils Cathedral. We then rode the metro back to a stop near our hotel (Katie I think you asked, we are at the Arabat Hotel). The metro stations here are so ornate, just like we had seen in some History Channel documentaries. They are also very difficult to navigate, even more so than Munich or Rome. Well, Munich at least had signs in english! We found a very nice woman, with a gorgeous furr coat, who sent us in the right direction.

We have the morning free tomorrow, and then have our Embassy appointment, which we are told can last a couple of hours because of the number of Americans adopting from Russia nowadays. We met another couple at the doctor's office who adopted two boys from a region even farther away than Novo... and colder!

Time for me to go and start pre-packing. Will try to update the blog tomorrow, if I can make it in before they close at 8:00 PM. If we don't post, then our next post will be from Indianapolis with our new little citizen.

The Brockman Trio


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Nice pictures. I discovered that I can click on them and make them larger and will also be able to save them. They will definitely go into our new digital picture frame.

Nick is going to fit right in. The Brockmann men, big and small, all tend to get grumpy when they don't get their sleep.

Good luck with your Embassy appointment.

Grandma and Grandpa Brockmann

Amanda said...

Monica -
You three ALL look so happy and content. I love the "Brockmann trio" :-) Congratulations on everything - sounds like it all went smoothly. I'll be in Indy some in the next few months - maybe we can meet up! I'd love to meet the little man in person :-)

Amanda (newton) Fles

Anonymous said...

The Brockman Trio looks just beautiful! Nick really resembles his daddy!!!!!

I have to say I love the Old Navy mittens and gloves ;) He's such an American already!!!


Shannon said...

God bless and God speed.

And I can't wait meet my lil' Boilermaker!!! (sorry Bill and his family. **shrug**)

G'ma and G'pa Brockmann made me laugh...a lot! the Brockmann men being grumpy comment. I suspect it was Grandma submmitting!! ;-)

I cannot express my excitement for the three of you. What a world of love, of adventure, of living, you have ahead of you. Being a parent is one of the best things that we can be blessed with.

I'm so happy for you!

Mely said...

Yay!!! It is almost done...You were so right about the resemble of Nick with his look so good and HAPPY!!!

Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Monica and Bill


You look so happy in these pictures.

Nick is just adorably squeezable. Enjoy him!