Monday, February 11, 2008

An illness we can cure

We just got back from Cinci and all the way here we couldn't stop talking about how fortunate we are to have Dr. Staat and her staff at Cinci Children's Hospital so close to our house.

After a battery of tests, talking to a social worker, occupational therapist and nurses, and finally Dr. Staat; we were told that all he needs is love and lots and lots of food... definitely an illness we can cure. The biggest relief is that he has NO SIGNS of FAS.. which always weighs in the back of your mind when you adopt children from Russia... and that is not meant to have a bad connotation, is just a fact of life. Neither us, nor Dr. Staat thought he had FAS (from initial pictures she saw), but it was a relief to hear it from Dr. Staat after seeing the little guy in person. Yes he is small for his age, but like she initially told us in October, he will be caught up in six months or so. We will do a follow up appointment with her then.

The Social Worker was also pleased with how Nick interacts with us and how he is trusting of us, we are definitely on the right track towards attachment and were told to "continue doing what we are doing". Nick had a Russian translator during the appointment, who was of great help during the occupational therapist assessment. She would tell Nick what to do (i.e. stack these toys, put this inside of that, etc) and he would do it.

Yesterday Nick got to meet Grandpa and Grandma Brockmann... I think is safe to say that they are smitten. We are going to Bluffton next week and he will see them again then. In the agenda for this week is our appointment with a surgeon to address his hernia and then an initial visit to his regular pediatrician. I also need to do some grocery shopping for him and get his own supply of sour cream, mayo and cheeses... all of the full fat variety; which we will not be sharing since, well, Bill and I certainly don't need plumping up!

Time for me to go now and spend some quality time with my men.

p.s. Carrie - Nick was in Baby Home #1 in Novokuznetsk. If this is where your little guy is, please email me. I left a disposable camera at the Baby Home on trip 1 and I just got it developed. There are several other kids in the pictures with Nick.


Grandma and Grandpa said...

Nick was all we could talk about on our two hour drive back home. It took all of our willpower not to give him a bunch of hugs every time he came near.

Grandpa volunteers to take Nick to Dunkin Donuts and Ritter's Frozen Custard.

Grandma and Grandpa Brockmann

Carrie said...

Sam is in Baby House #1 too. How exciting.

I would love to email you but I couldn't find your email on your blog. I am sure it is right in front of me. Can you visit my blog and give it to me or instruct me where it is on your blog?

I am glad your doctor's visit went well. They take great care of the babies there. My daughter is also from that same Baby Home.

Anonymous said...

Your little one is so cute! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. My girls are from Novokuznetsk but from Baby House #2. It looks like your trip was pretty smooth--I'm hoping ours will be as well. We are still waiting on a court date but hope to hear about one soon! Good luck and congratulations on your new son!