Monday, February 18, 2008

Missing: Nikon camera cable

It appears that in the midst of putting things out of Nicholas’ reach, we have done a very good job at hiding the camera cable. The thing is, I discovered that the cable that I use to sync my phone and my computer also works, but nope, can’t find that one either.

I figured I would at least post and come back to add pictures later, and I intend for that to be today…

It is safe to say that we have conquered the fear of water! Bill takes all the credit on this one, as he is the one who had been playing with Nick and his toys in the bathtub. On Friday I heard this giggling and splashing coming out of the bathroom, and what do you know… my child is having a good time getting his dad wet. Bill had his toys inside the tub with water, but the intent was for Nick to see them and play with them from the outside, apparently Nick had other plans. Now we have to convince him that is time to come out; but I rather have that.

We have been laying low in a effort of keeping Nicholas healthy for his upcoming surgery, and for me to get over this cold. I think we are succeeding on both fronts. On Saturday though, it was time for a long due haircut for me, and Bill had errands to run. So Nick got his first stay at Grandma Lucy’s. To our surprise he stayed without crying, and even went down for a nap. That is great news to us as I will be going back to work in a month and he gets to hang out with Grandma all day.

Well, is time for me to go on the search for that cable, and get a couple of things caught up before is time for Nick to start his day.


Anonymous said...

Hey...I lost my cable once...and I never found it so I had to buy one from Sony again...this time around I put it every time in the same spot so I don't loose it!
Those are great news about the water fear...I bet that he is having a blast in the bathtub!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad he is enjoying bath time finally! He sure looks happy in all of the pictures you shared. Start planning your Disney trip!!!!! :)

The Reimer Family said...

I found your blog while blog- hopping. We are beginning our adoption journey and are considering adopting from Russia. What agency did you use?