Thursday, February 14, 2008

Life with Nicholas

Playing in the tub, still no water

My future Boilermaker at his happiest, right after a meal...

Doing the baby waddle

Vroom, vroom!!

Hi everyone, we have had a hectic couple of days with appointments and what not. To complicate things, I came down with a nasty upper respiratory infection that landed me in bed for two days. Fortunately my mom came up to help us with meals and such. I have been a hand washing fool, and I think I have managed not to give Nick my cooties. It has taking a lot of self-control not to smooch him!

We have gotten the majority of Nick’s labs and all looks great, except for a little parasite in his tummy, which is pretty common in a lot of kids coming from Russia. Once we get rid of the little bugger, Nick will be getting ALL of the nutrients from his food in and start packing some weight.

We are also treating his cough so that he gets rid of it by surgery time next week. Yep, we are correcting his hernia next week (thanks Frank, we were very impressed by both Dr. Cain and Dr. Cummings!), as we have been told by three different doctors that it needs to be corrected “sooner than later”. Plus doing it sooner allows me to stay with him for a good amount of time before I go back to work.

Nick has also spent a good amount of time in the tub with toys, sans water! This is the approach the social worker told us to take in getting Nick to start liking water. Tomorrow we will add water to the tub, put the toys in, and then let him play from the outside… next step… add child to said toys in tub.

We got bye-bye down and he likes going bye-bye more and more. We will probably trek down to my office on Monday so he can meet the people that mommy works with. He has become more vocal in the past two days, even babbling so loud that Godmother Maribel could hear him over the phone as she talked with me yesterday right after dinner time, which is when this boy is the happiest.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of days… since he was going out with just mommy today; he is sporting a Purdue hoodie! Sorry B family! I picked this up while at Homecoming with my friend Katie last year. Speaking of pictures, I was out at the travel clinic today getting my last Hep shot and I spotted a picture of the playroom in Nick’s Baby Home in Novokuznetsk. A man holding a child was in the picture. I left our contact info for them to pass on to this family. It sure will be fun to meet a fellow BH#1 buddy.


Мatt & Carla Morgan said...

Ha! Are you a house divided? So are we - only I'm the IU side, Matt's the PU side. So our Nicholas will be wearing IU - since I seem to do most of the shopping!

He's such a doll, Monica. I hope you are feeling better.


Shannon said...


** the Cubbies, too! ;-)

Carrie said...

I am enjoying seeing your sweet baby becoming more at home. Sophie would not let me put her down for several days - I carried her everywhere. My shoulder is still not the same. She was just so scared by her new surroundings. That only lasted a little while. Watching her grow to trust us and her new environment was an amazing process.

I tried emailing you but I guess you did not get it since I have not heard from you (maybe you just have not had time either which is fine). I assume the issue is on my end because we continually have problems with our email. Anyway my email is

Don't you love the world adoption opens.

Mely said...

Hey Monica,
Good to hear what is going on with Nick and his new life. So sorry that you are under the weather, hope that you feel better soon. Give me a call whenever you have a break...if you get one..LOL! I called you yesterday and left a message in your cell.
Take care and keep up with the updates from Nick...I look forward everyday to see to what he is up to!

Shane & Marie said...

I hope you are feeling better. I love all the pictures. He's so cute! Sounds like he is adjusting well.