Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good news all around

We were able to, for the first time, let Nick run around outside of the house this weekend. For a few weeks after getting home we concentrated on getting him healthy and getting rid of the bronchitis. Then the weather turned from freezing rain, to snow, to ice on and off.

With relatively good weather (40 and sunny), and a toddler with a major case of cabin fever, we ventured out for a little bit. Nick loved exploring the outdoors and playing with the dried tall grass remanents and the plain regular grass. Here are some pictures.

He looks so grown up on this picture? Or maybe just cold and ready to come inside.

This is the sweet face I get to kiss goodnight every night.

Outdoor Fun
So what good news???? We heard from Cincinatti Children's today, and the second round of tests (post treatment) revealed that the little parasite is now a thing of the past and Nick is giardia-free! I suspected as much, Nick has become more "selective" of what he eats. An indication that he is no longer sharing his food.

And more good news! Over the past two weeks, four of the families that I have met through the adoption process received court dates for April! All four of these children live in the same Baby Home that Nick lived in. What makes their stories even more special is that due to a clerical error in Russia last year, these families had to wait up t0 11 months between trips. As you may know, children is Russia have to be entered into a database and stay there for 9 months. During this period they are only available for adoption to Russian families. After these four families traveled on their first trip, it was discovered that the children were never entered in the database, so in they went and the countdown for them to come out began. We often referred to this as "the database snafu".

So without further due... congratulations to:

Cindy and Jay - April 8
Audrey and David - April 22
Katie and Ryan - April 22

Good luck and God speed! Will be thinking of you!

p.s. Audrey - we have talked for this long and I don't know your hubby's name! **blushing** --- Katie saved the day!


The Horners said...

Thanks for the publicity. We're looking forward to when we can post pictures of our little guy.

BTW - Audrey's husband is David.

audrey said...

Thanks for the kind words. We are so excited! Russia here we come.

--Audrey and David

Shane & Marie said...

He looks so happy to be outside. It looks like his hair has gotten lighter as well. Yeah for Nick's parasite being gone. Bryson has become selective with his food choices as well lately. Hopefully that means his parasite is gone as well.

Carrie said...

Thanks for the shout out!! (OK I have never said that before). But seriously thanks for all your well wishes. We are so excited that we will soon have Sam home!

Thanks for hooking us up with Cindy and Jay.

I am glad Nick is doing so well. He is such a cutie!!

Becky and Chad Wesselman said...

Hey Monica! Nick is looking so happy and healthy! That is wonderful that his parasite is gone. Also, congratulations to the four families that have court dates. Hopefully, ours will be soon!

Becky Wesselman