Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Children's Museum and the aftermath of sugar!

The aftermath of sugar has nothing to do with the museum, I am simply combining posts.

So yesterday, we took Nick to the Children's Museum for fun filled morning. We had noticed how excited he gets when he sees other kids at the pediatrician's office and just when we are out and about. We figured he missed his little friends from the Baby Home; so what better place than a 4 story building filled with toys, children, and areas to explore.

Speaking of his little friends... I have been able to connect with the moms of two of the children that were in Nick's group at the Baby Home. As many of you know, we left a camera at the Baby Home during our first visit. The staff at the Baby Home took quite a few pictures and there are other children in these pics. So now I have chatted/emailed with the moms of two of these kids, and one of them knows the mom of a third child. Of course the best part of all this is that all of these kids will be leaving the Baby Home in a few months.

So back to the museum talk. For those PAP and AP that are not local to Indy, if you are ever here with your kids, I highly recommend at least a half day at the museum.

Nick really enjoyed the water table, the sand pit, and about every other area that we took him to. We wrapped the morning with a ride on the carousel, which he really enjoyed. We now have a family membership that will be used very frequently; we are going back the first Saturday of April. On the first Saturday of the month the museum opens an hour early for members, so we will be able to enjoy that one hour with a smaller crowd.

So what about the sugar? Well, not offering our child sugar within a few hours of bedtime ranks right up there with not missing naps. We went out for a quick bite today and Nick had quite a few spoonfuls of mommy's vanilla milkshake. He came back home and had that silly giggling and high that is also the aftermath of a missed nap. It was kinda fun to watch him run in circles and let out the cute belly laughs. To my surprise, he went to bed without hesitation and was out before the first song in his lullaby CD was over. Shannon, I know you are LOL at this post... yeah, I know, I know.


The Wilson's said...

My daughter is terrible on sugar so I know how you feel limiting Nic's sugar. Chocolate is a much bigger problem. Her first was a chocolate Santa and she ran around the house in circles on Christmas morning! Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the kids museum.


Mely said...

It sounds like Nick had LOVE SUGAR!!!!

Shannon said...

Would I ever laugh at you? No, never. *snort*