Sunday, March 16, 2008

Alive and Kicking

Nick and Bill more than me actually.

This past week we discovered the mistery behind my flu-like symptoms.... it's Mono. I have been taking it as easy as possible. I had to back off from playing tennis for a while (yes that's how sick I am!!!), but still managed to take an introductory course on the features of my Nikon D40. Can't wait to put the new learning to good use this summer.

I go back to work tomorrow and Nick will be off to Grandma Lucy's. I don't think we will have an issue there, especially after this week when mom has spent some time up here helping out as I veg out.

There are recent pictures, actually a really cute one of Nick feeding cheerios to our dog. I will post that one later. On that note, he is really good at sharing. When he is out to eat, he wants to feed you some of his food and even offers food to the people at the table next to us.

That's all folks!

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