Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gotcha Day ~~ Two months later!

So I am lunching with my friend Katie today, and of course like everyone else we see, she asks about Nick and oh by the way "how long has he been home now?". It hit me right there, today is the two month anniversary of our Gotcha Day.

Life at home, adjustment, and attachment gets better every day. In the last month, Nick's receptive language skills have really improved. His receptive skills are better when we speak to him in spanish, but we have seen improvement in both languages. He has become more vocal, and has started to used the word "agua". He sounds so cute!... not that I am biased or anything... ;-). He intermitently also shakes his head "no" when he is done eating or drinking something. This is something I have been working with him on for some time. He used to just turn his head away.

On the health front, I am still coughing quite a bit, but feel like I am finally kicking the mono. Now I just have to battle a sinus infection. Oh joy. I am just glad that Nick continues to be healthy and that he hasn't picked up my cooties.

Bill, MrManlyMan, who refuses to attend any "hormone laden events" (i.e. baby showers), was surprised at work last week with a baby shower! I actually LOL at the office as I read his text message sharing the news. Nick got all kinds of cool gifts, but he was most happy about the balloons. He also got a really cute pair of slippers.

Modeling the new slippers

Balloons - always a hit!

Checking out his loot

We went to the mall this weekend, and got him his first pair of Stride Rite shoes. As we were strolling towards the store, he became super excited and was all giggles and smiles.... to the point where he got the attention of other shoppers. Can't blame him, I get that excited when shopping for shoes too!

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Mely said...

That is so funny, so he has his Latino side too!

Nick, esta mas precioso dia tras dia!

Tenemos que platicar para ponernos al dia!