Sunday, March 2, 2008

Leche? Da!

Leche? ...... Da!
Leche? ...... Da!
Leche? ...... Da!

You get the point? Da?

Nick and I have this conversation every day, about 4 times a day, as I am making his formula. The boy looooooves milk, actually “love” is an understatement. His eyes just light up when he sees me pull the red carton from the fridge and the can of Enfamil Next Step from the cabinet.

What I find funniest about this is that this conversation takes place in spanish and russian. We have decided that I will talk to him in spanish only, and Bill will speak to him in english. Every doctor we have seen has given us the thumbs up, as this is the best age to introduce languages. So that’s explains the “leche” part. Now, the other day I realized that Nick was saying “Da!”. This is the only Russian word I have recognized in his babble-vocabulary.

I have been told that “nee-nee” is bable for “give me”. He does that to, so any other adoptive parents out there, feel free to weigh in on this one and tell me if you have heard the same.

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