Saturday, January 26, 2008

We are ready.... I think

Thanks to my mom and her packing skills, and the greatest invention, space bags; we are good to go! We have more stuff than I originally thought we would. Bill always commented about how kids come with accessories, I guess I know what he meant. It is a good thing I talked to Shannon and she helped me cut down from my original list. I would have had twice as many suitcases.

This really has been a challenge. You have all have heard how we managed to trek through Rome for 9 days in 2005, with just two backpacks... yes the same backpacks you see in this picture.

Still need to call around a few places, like our credit cards, so they know is us using them in Russia. Good thing for 24 hour customer service, yes?

I suppose my child would like some room to play once he gets home, so I better go tidy up! Oh, and yes, try to get some sleep. Oh, we just checked the weather in Novokuznetsk. Low on Monday night is -2F, high for Tuesday 12F. Since we land at 6:ish in the morning, I would say we may be just above zero.


Мatt & Carla Morgan said...

Safe travels, Monica!!! I'll be thinking about you guys.


Mely said...

Hey Monica,
Can't wait to meet the little guy :o)...sorry that it's going to be so cold...I mean freezing COLD! but it will be so worth it...Nick will have a mommy and daddy to Love forever!!!

Hablamos luego...suerte!
Besos y abrazos

Anonymous said...

A trek, a trip, a journey of love!Blessings of a favorable wind to see you safely there and back again.

All our best and even a bit more.

David and Richard