Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Checking In

Good morning!

After a good night's sleep we feel pretty good this morning. Just had breakfast and are hanging out at the hotel with the Palmer's. Once we finish our visit today, we are going shopping at the local mall for a baptism gown. Bill is in awe at how I manage to fit in "shopping time", or find a mall, no matter what country I am in.

All we can do it talk about and think of him, and the little things we noticed yesterday. Of course we are most taken by the fact that he is walking, and how cute he does the "waddle walk" as he strolls down the hall holding his caretaker's hand.

We have been people watching from our hotel window too, its pretty interesting to watch the everyday life that we have been following through the web cam.

Of course, I was also glued to the TV this morning, as they had a cooking show. Today's featured recipe: French Onion Soup!

I will check back tonight and post a couple pics of our hotel view of the city. Would do that now, but didn't think of bringing the camera.

Katie, Olga has the cameras and she knows what to do. She will be taking pictures over the next two days and will return them to me on Friday. Rest assured, I will send Bill to the post office to send those to you as soon as we get home ... :-)




The Horners said...

We love you! No really, we really love you! Thank you so much. You're awesome to even think about us during YOUR time. Hope court goes well!

Mely said...

So shooping! I guess that we can't leave old habits behind...LOL! so how is the weather? Are you freezing your %$*#? Looking forward to hear more news!!!