Thursday, January 31, 2008

He is ours!

At 10:50 AM today, the family court judge at the Kemerovo Regional Court, in Kemerovo Russia, granted our petition to adopt Nick.

Court went extremely well! She asked questions of both of us, then questioned Bill and then me. The entire proceeding lasted about 35 minutes. Even better, our 10 day waiting period was waived. So we will be picking Nick up tomorrow morning.

Our coordinator will be here at 9:30 to take us to the Baby Home. Bill then has to go back to Kemerovo with the other coordinator, to pick up Nick's passport. As originally planned, we will go back to Moscow on Saturday, and home on Wednesday.

The other family also had a succesful hearing, and will also be going back to Moscow on Saturday.

We got back to the hotel just a couple of hours ago, but were famished, so yes we made you wait a bit! After court, we had to run around and sign some papers, finalize his birth certificate, adoption certificate, and apply for his passport. I am sure there some other documents signed along the way, all in all, a very loooong day... but one of the best of both of our lives!
Now, I will leave you with a couple pics of our little man! We took these over the past two days. He is still a little camera shy, even in his passport mugshot he looks so serious! Also, I have uploaded a montage that I had prepared after our first visit. Until now, I had not been allowed to share it electronically, but now that he is all ours... enjoy!


Anonymous said...

He is absolutely adorable. I love those cheeks. I'm so happy for you two. I can remember what it felt like when court was over. Such a wave of relieve washed over me. Have a safe trip home.


Anonymous said...

He looks great! Ben can't wait for a play date. - Frank

Anonymous said...

So happy for the 3 of you! Have a safe trip home and I can't wait to meet Nicki. Can remember our court day with Ed - terrifying and great at the same time. Be safe. Going to teach him "Gringo Spanish" Monica?

Grandma and Grandpa said...

Welcome to a very special group of people called Mom and Dad. We can hardly wait to give lots of hugs and kisses to our new grandson! In the mean time, give him a hug and kiss for us.

Mom and Dad Brockmann

Mely said...

CONGRATULATIONS Monica & Bill!!!!Finally Nick is your! He is adorable...and is true Monica he has a resemble to Bill. The video gave chills and tears...of hapiness of course. Can't wait for you guys to come to California in September to meet Nick and Bill. Monica welcome to the land of motherhood where the worst "bubu" is cured with a kiss and a hug! Felicidades amiga desde el fondo de mi alma...besos!!!

P.S.....I told you that I would get to see Nick before noon PT...and is 10:52 AM!

The Horners said...

Yeah! Thanks for sharing pictures of your son! He is adorable. Congratulations and blessings to your family!

Мatt & Carla Morgan said...

Congratulations, Monica!!! I am thrilled for you guys. Thanks for keeping us posted here.


-k- said...

Wonderful blessings on you all! Can't wait to meet the little man - he's beautiful! Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey.

Safe travels home.


Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous! Congrats. Ray and I are so happy for you!