Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tapioca and Cabernet -- edited

I am officially in the minority, Nick does not like tapioca pudding, neither does Bill. But I hate to waste food, so intead of throwing it out, I just ate it, as I was finishing up my glass of cab from dinner. Yep, I am the mom of a 2 year old!

On a different subject, the crib tent did not work. We don't have the right crib for it. So we have removed the rail and our boy is now sleeping in a daybed. It's gonna be a long night, good thing there's still a half bottle of that cabernet downstairs.

Tomorrow we will drive our sleepy selves to Babies R Us and get this. For now, we have the floor next to the bed lined with pillows.

Monday update - he didn't like the idea of sleeping on a daybed, so the rails are back up, and the floor lined with pillows, should he choose to attempt another escape.