Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Absolute Blast

We hit the Pumpkin Patch this weekend with another Novokuznetsk family that lives very close to us. Nick and his little buddy J had a great time at the patch, which included a petting zoo, hayride, visit to the pumpkin patch and climbing up a haystack about 10 feet high.

Nick continues to surprise us. They had pony rides and considering how much he likes animals we figured he would want to see them. He wanted to get closer, and closer, and closer... and next thing you know he was riding the pony and took to it like he had been doing this for years!

Here are some pics of the weekend. As I spend more time with these guys I get better at getting pics of them together. Can't post proof of that though as I didn't ask J's parents for permission. Enjoy!


Iraida Melendez said...

Nick looks more gorgeous every day. LOL


Shane & Marie said...

He is so cute! That is great that you were able to spend some time with another adoptive family. Bryson also rode a pony for the first time this weekend and I was surprised at how much he enjoyed it.