Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One month till cake!!!

... hmm better call Classic Cakes soon and order it. These people make the best cakes and book weeks ahead. I have ordered cakes from them on several occasions and have made it my mission to order a different flavor each time. Plan is to keep on doing this till Nick has a preference on cake flavors. With my luck it will be chocolate, like his dad, and I will be SOL. Not a chocolate cake fan here, unless it is the Stout Chocolate Cake from the September 2002 issue of Bob Appetit! All that said, a lemon cake with raspberry filling sounds like a good birthday cake for Nick's 2nd birthday next month.

Now that I have written an entire paragraph about cake, let's talk about Nick....

* He is getting acquainted with his other grandfather this week, dad is up here visiting from Puerto Rico and in complete shock about how much energy Nick has. I think he now understands why he gets the standard "busy as always" when he asks how I am doing over the phone. He has also witnessed a temper tantrum or two. Either I skipped the terrible two's stage as a toddler, or he doesn't remember, because he sure looks shocked at his grandson's reaction to not getting his way.

* We will be taking advantage of Celebrating Adoption and have scheduled a professional photo session for Nick on June 14th. I am really excited about this. We will be doing outdoor shots near the White River State Park, downtown Indy.

* And the sole purpose of this post, today, my baby turned 23 months. Saturday marked our fourth Gotcha Day and Friday will mark our fourth month at home.

Here are a couple pictures of the family comedian who likes to empty one of his toy boxes and climb inside them... and the future football player. He even has the look in this picture!


Shane & Marie said...

Hmmm...your post sounds like something I would write. I am not a chocolate fan either, but that lemon cake sounds yummy! I can't believe he will be 2 soon. Bryson also loves to dump his toys out and sit in the toy box. Boys have so much energy! I don't even know what talking on the phone is like anymore.

Carrie said...

LOVE the football pose!!

Mely said...

OMG Monica...but Nick every day gets cuter and cuter!...so he is already in the terrible 2 I bet that those tramtum are so funny to look at, but of course because I am no the mom! I know boys have so much energy that is insane, when I go to my sister house I can't keep up with Joshua(my nephew)I end up so tire!

Hey, do you know what happen with your trip to SF...are you guys still coming or you need to pospone?