Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baptism Pictures

Father Rodas, Bill, Monica, Nick & Grandma Lucy

Monica, Bill, Grandma Lucy & Nick, Godfather Israel, Godmother Maribel

Grandma Ellen, Grandpa Bill, Monica & Nick, Bill

On Sunday we celebrated Nick's baptism. We had our close family in attendance at the church and then we got together at our house for good food and conversation. Nick did great, both at the church and at home, despite missing his nap. By the end of the day he was running on adrenaline and slept very well!


Mely said...

Felicidades Nick on your baptism!!!...everyone looked good. BTW, Monica say Hi to your mom.

Amy said...

What sweet pictures of your son's special day. As for your comment on my blog; are we with the same agency...yes we are. This is our 2nd adoption journey with FTIA. I can't say enough of good things about them. Have a great weekend. TGIF!!!! Amy

Amy said...

forgot to mention how cute your son is!!!!