Sunday, March 29, 2009

Facelift & Lights Out

How do you like the new look? I have been wanting to do this to the blog for sometime now, it just kept on sliding off my to-do list.

It has been a month since our last post, and frankly there isn't a whole lot to blog about; particularly as it relates to adoption, which is how this blog got started. With that, we have decided to go dark on the blog. We will keep it running, only because I know, first hand, how helpful blogs can be when you are in the process of adopting and want to know what's ahead.

We still plan on sending regular emails with photos and updates to friends and family. If we have become friends through adoption (you know who you are), rest assured that we will include you in the updates! And if you just want to be sure we do, leave us a comment.

As a quick update, we went to Orlando the first week of March and had a great time. We visited my cousins (Nick's godparents) and Bill's parents who are in Fort Myers for a month. During our time in Orlando we went to Animal Kingdom, and Nick is now a huge fan of Goofy! We also went to Cocoa Beach and are now leaning towards renting a condo in Siesta Key next year so we can enjoy some beach time. Nick certainly enjoyed the ocean.

Nick continues to grow (sometimes I think he grows everyday), has an extensive vocabulary both in Spanish and English, and if I were to use on word to describe him, I would say the kid is just hilarious! I am really looking forward to his 3 year check up in July, only to see the look of shock in our pediatrician's face. He was taken aback by the 11 lbs and 7 inches gained on the first year at home.

To the adoptive families, in the process, who may be reading this, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the process, particularly in Novokuznetsk. Adoption is certainly not for the faint at heart, but absolutely worth it!

Will do one last post with our vacation pictures, just give me a few days to edit them!


Iraida said...

Hi Monica;
Is good to hear form you. Glad everything is fine.

Mely said...

Hey Monica, include me on you "update emails"...since I know that is harder to post in here with a toddler! I'm glad to hear that Nick is doing so good and that had grown so much!!!

Carrie said...

Hey Monica! Please include me in your updates. I definitely want to keep up with you and Nick since Sam and Nick are "friends." Use my address please - I never check the other one. Thanks!

Shane & Marie said...

Glad to hear Nick is doing well. I'm sad that I will see no more posts from you, but I understand. I have been trying to figure out if I want to do the same with our blog. I wish I would have known you were in Orlando. That is an hour from me. I would have loved to seen you! I also would love to be included in your email updates.

Rob,Dawn,Catherine and Iain said...

Hi Monica, Please include us in your updaes. We are waiting for our travel dates to see our baby girl. She is in Novo. Thanks Dawn

Ava Faulkner said...

I typed a comment but am not sure it went thru. I'm knew at this. Please let me know if anyone got it. Thanks, Ava